Mammoth Lakes, California Location And Real Estate Overview

Mammoth Lakes is a small town located in Mono County, California. As of the last United States Census in 2010, the town had a population of close to 8,200 residents, a slight increase from about 7,000 people in 2000. Mammoth Lakes is surrounded by mountains and forests. To the west it is bordered by Mammoth Mountain and to the south it is bordered by the Sherwin Mountain Range. Both of these mountains are part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains which run through California. To the north lies the end of the Long Valley Caldera and Inyo National Forest. To to south and west lie Minarets and John Muir Wilderness areas. The eastern entrance of Yosemite National Park is located about 30 miles north of Mammoth Lakes.

The area in and around the town of Mammoth Lakes has many mountains, lakes, hot springs, and domes. The famous Mono Lake in California’s Sierra Nevada is also located nearby the town to the North. The area’s climate is also ideally suited for skiing with long, snowy winters and warm, mild dry summers. As a result Mammoth Lakes is very popular with skiers, hikers, and tourists. Tourism makes up the majority of Mammoth Lakes economy with skiing and lodging dominating.

Mammoth Lakes Condos For Sale, Real Estate Mammoth Lakes, can be said to fluctuate. The development of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area on Mammoth Mountain created a boom in tourism and increased prices of homes tremendously. In 2003 the average price of a home in the town Mammoth Lakes was $750,000. In 2010, the average price of a home was $460,000, a steep decrease when compared to 2003.

Today there are hundreds of properties for sale in Mammoth Lakes, California. There are many condominiums for sale, and many are priced in the range of $200,000-$400,000. There are a few townhouses for sale. They are typically priced at $500,000 and above. There are also many homes for sale. Most of the homes for sale at Mammoth Lakes are priced from $750,000 to over a million dollars. There are homes that are being listed at close to $400,000 or less but these are usually older, smaller homes that may need major renovations done to them. There are also numerous land and lots on the real estate market right now. Prices range from $100,000 to over a million depending on the size and location and are available to residential and commercial developers. There are also some properties that have been foreclosed. These will be cheaper, but you can still expect to pay close to the average price of a typical home, or condo for them.

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