I was having breakfast in Atlanta recently and overheard an interesting conversation. The waitress was talking to a couple in a booth nearby and it was obvious the customers were not native southerners. You could tell right away because the wife didn’t want grits with her eggs and sausage. It seems that the waitress had convinced the husband that grits was a good idea, but the wife resisted. The husband and the waitress then made it their mission for the morning to get the wife to “at least try” the grits.

My entire life changed with just one email. On the morning of 8/8/2006, a curious but very life changing email suddenly appeared in my inbox. Angmoh always say “curiosity killed the cat”. However, this email was the opposite, it allowed me to grow money out of nothing while I was sleeping! This sounds too good to be true but it is absolutely 100% truly amazing and mind blowing here in Malaysia.

B. You routinely travel for extended periods of time and no one else lives with you or no other person in the house wants to care for a pet. Cats can often do well in a household where you stay away one night a week, but dogs cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

Wildwood,NJ used to be a town full of hotels and motels. Now though many of the older motel owners have sold out to Corals at Keppel Bay developers. Luckily for vacationer the Tuscany Motor Inn’s owners have not sold yet, as it is a great place to stay. My family and I stayed there last summer, and we are returning again this year as we were very pleased with the management and the room we stayed in. The hotel is located on 19th Street and Surf Avenue in Wildwood, NJ. You do have to cross Surf to get to the beach and boardwalk, but there are several crosswalks at lighted intersections nearby to make this convenient. The Tuscany Motor Inn has a several styles of hotel rooms that sleep up to six people. For this vacation though my family decided to reserve the apartment unit which sleeps up to eight people.

Natural calamities. If a place is usually hit by tornadoes, storm or is always flooded, the natural tendency of most would be to move to another house that is not subjected to these problems.

There are quite a number of celebrities in the entertainment industry who made it big at some point in their lives but ended up bankrupt. Gary Coleman is such an example. This leads to demonstrate the importance of managing ones finances however small or large the income.