Some people call it problem; others for the sake of lessening its severity in their minds call it a challenge. No matter the name by which you know it, one thing is very clear in life and that is that as long as we live, our lives will never be problem free. If we cannot do away with problems in our lives, then how do we position ourselves in order to handle them well whenever we experience them?

Ben and my oldest son, Caleb, decided they did want to go to the funeral home and see my Grandfather to say goodbye. I tried to explain everything to them before we got there so they would know what they were going to see. I really thought I had covered all of my bases but once again I was wrong. Our whole family was standing around the check out this link saying our goodbyes and crying. I could see Ben looking at everyone and trying to understand why everyone was so upset. Then out of the blue Ben says, “If Papa is dead and he can’t see anymore then why does he need his glasses?” Of course this was a very good question but not one that you want to address in front of the entire family while they are saying their goodbyes.

If we pay too much for supplies and wages, our costs become excessive and we loose our competitiveness. Layoffs and perhaps business failure occurs harming all employees, the shareholders, our suppliers, customers etc.

Consider a balloon release. Family and friends could write a note on a tag that is attached to a string on the balloon. You can find balloons at many grocery stores or in the Yellow Pages.

Cremation memorials on the other hand can be done for hundreds rather than thousands. There is still a cremation urn or other container to purchase for the remains. If the ashes will be scattered, then a less expensive urn could be purchased to lower the cost even more.

One beauty of Utilitarian Ethics is that it has only two definitions: Good and Evil. Good is defined as any individual’s good feeling ranging from pleasures of the flesh to extreme self-sacrifice. Between these extremes there are included such things as material rewards. Evil is defined as harm to any individual ranging from such minor irritants such as a sliver in the finger to the evils of Hitler. Again, somewhere in there is material loss.

Whatever the outcome and choice you make, know that how you make the choice will help you to remember your beloved pet. It is important you make it memorable for you as well as your family, whatever your personal preference may be.